Hello there !

Yep, I'm done with this project. Source is available!

This is the website of "Despotism Of Power". It's a indie game about building up empires by conquering sectors on servers and fighting the others nations. It is played on private or public servers, you buy it once at the cost of 5 euros (about $7), and you can play on any server, make one yourself and get all updates for free.

Where can I buy the game ? Is there a way to play it ?

See above.

More details about the game !

The game as of now is a heavy work-in-progress, and so expect changes as it turns into a real thing instead of ideas.

DoP will be a 2d management game that allow you to take control of a nation ( either by creating or joining one ) and to fight with up to 23 others nations for control over the server's world. You can make military units and go to war with them, you can start a mining empire, you can rule your people and create yourself a nice absolutist state, you can do anything you want as long as you got the ressources to do so.

As the game is made by a single person ( a 18 years old Belgian for the record ), it features simple gameplay mechanics, KISS programming logic, 'simple' graphics ( I'm definitly not going to pretend it's pixel-art ) and will probably end up being under < 100k lines of code. Howether, that won't stop that from being a cool little game to play. Well I hope so.