DoP News !

The game is not released yet, in the meanwhile to get news from it you can either follow XolioWare Interactive's facebook page ( in french ), or read the official changelog of the game included below.

DoP Changelog

Indev 0.3.2 - 12/10/2014

+ Added the ability to conquer tiles
+ Tiles owned by a nation earns it money
+ You now need to own a factory and money to make new units
+ Improved action/attacking GUI
+ New system for complex tiles

Indev 0.3.0 - 14/09/2014

+ Added the ability to attack other units ( still glitchy )
+ Reworked inputs system
+ Added options screen
+ Added fullscreen option

Indev 0.2.12 - Somewhere in august, was lazy to wrote changelog at that time

+ Added auto-updater
+ Added unit action menu selector
* Fixed glitch that made units teleport or move faster when moving in certain directions

Indev 0.2.11 - 31/07/2014

+ Added a basic yet working pathfinding system
+ Basic unit creation is possible
+ You can move units too
+ Added tooltips
+ Added a few visual improvements on mountains and forests
+ Server now records time spent by players
* Sectors loading is now done server-side and a lot of map loading issues are now fixed
* Fixed crash when leaving before having made the connection to the server

Indev 0.2.10 - 10/07/2014

+ Added HQs, factories, power plants tiles, along with...
+ Railways ! That properly connect and link to the roads, making crossing etc
* Now server-downloaded maps correctly make the junctions between their sectors
* Work started on units
* Work started on actual gamemodes
* Now the camera can't go further than the map limits
* Server will now check version and may refuse to accept connections from different versions
* If the server sends a message while disconnecting you, it will now display properly
* Fixed the server-selection bug that prevented selecting a server when it is the only one in the list

Indev 0.2.9 - 07/07/2014

* Multiplayer editor working

Indev 0.2.8 - 27/06/2014

* Added protocol verification for login, preventing any spoof of identity
* Basic GUI info ingame
* Server browser ( glitchy )

Indev 0.2.7 - 06/06/2014

* 4x more FPS by the cleaning of a lot of useless GlPushMatrix and GlPopMatrix
* Network threads now delete themselves after disconnection

No clear history before ... making changelogs is a boring job ! x)